**New Color!!!**

**Pumpkin Monmouth Cap**

Same hand knit wool Monmouth cap in  a new color. This is the same wool as our more heavy caps in a pumpkin colored wool. Very nice wool - great color.

Like all of our hand knit wool Monmouth caps, this hat is $30 plus shipping.

To order one TODAY, click HERE and have it under the tree for Christmas morning.


**NEW Style -White Linen Work Cap - NEW*

These caps represent a different style that was common with shop keepers, laborers and military during the mid 18th century. A different twist on a common item, these are perfect for your F+I and rev War Kits.

A longer style cap that is made with white linen and tied at the top, these white linen work hats are $20.00 plus shipping.

Click HERE to order one TODAY


NEW - Women's Clothing

New!!!...We are now making a women's chemise. Maria has been working on patterns all summer and fall. We are now ready to start selling these items.

Our chemise will be available in white and eventually in natural linen. We will offer both 3/4 and full length sleeves. These are made by us just like all of our clothing.  

We will eventually have sizes available in both materials. Kids sizes will be available very soon as well.

Our Women's Chemise is $65 plus shipping. Click HERE to order today.


New Flat Bottom Leather Covered
Glass Water Flask
A new design for a favorite item. I tested one of these at Battle Road 2012 and it was great. Plenty of water and no taste of wax, mold or rust.

These 750ml bottles are hand covered in leather - generally sheep, goat, cow or deer.  They have a cork stopper and come with a leather strap and brass buckle.

Our new design leather covered glass flask is $55 plus shipping.

Click HERE to order your NEW leather covered water flask today!!!


***New New New***
Belt Worn Ball Bags
These are great items for when you are out shooting. British, French and Native all used small leather bags on their belt and sash to keep musket balls when out hunting or on patrol.

These are made of various types of correct leather - goat, sheep, cow, and cow - and are hand sewn with a belt loop, simple leather flap and drawstring.

I have found when out in the cold and snow and shooting, this is a great way to keep your musket balls close and easily accessible.

Leather Belt Worn Ball Bags are $25 and you can select from dark or light leather.

Click HERE to order your own  Belt Worn Ball Bag today.

BTP Shooting Pouches

We offer three sizes and styles. Each comes with a brass buckle, leather strap and is hand-sewn. materials available are cowhide and deer hide. I can also use sheep hide when available.

Large Pouch - This is approximately 8"x10" and is good for earlier impressions. I have carried one of these for years and like how I can get shooting items as well as an extra knife, compass and map into the bag as well.

Square Pouch - This is a good choice for a militia impression, especially for the Revolutionary War. This is approximately 8"x8" and comes in deer, cow and sheep hide.

Small Pouch - I like this for day scouts and shooting when I just want to keep ball and a few tools close by. I will often pack the remainder of my shooting items in a linen bag and carry in my snapsack. This pouch is approximately 7"x7" and comes in cow, deer and sheep hide.

Our Hand Sewn Shooting Pouches are $70.00 and can be purchased TODAY by clicking HERE

Hand Knit Dutch Caps

 Just in time for winter - get  a NEW hand knit Dutch caps and a pair of short hand knit socks

Gia models one of our NEW hand knit Dutch hats.

These hats come in three color schemes and are the perfect addition to your 17th and 18th century reenacting kit.

These new Dutch hats are $40.
Click here to purchase one today.

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