18th Century Men's Shirts

We have a wide selection of  Colonial Men's Shirts  available in all sizes, or we can even make a custom size shirt for you.

We offer French or English Style Shirts in white or colored linen, Ruffled Shirts, and Over Shirts in heavy linen or wool fabric.

These shirts are perfect for the 18th Century Reenactor.

To order your 18th Century Men's Shirt please use the links below:

Period Correct Constructed - Colonial Shirts 

Here are some details about how our shirts are constructed.

Please e-mails us anytime if you have additional questions.

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Our 18th Century Men's Shirts are available in linen, heavy linen, and wool fabric. All our men's shirts have neck and sleeve gussets, shoulder epaulets, and 1'' wide cuffs, and come in two different 18th Century Styles:

French and English.

The French Style Shirts have 3" tall collar with two bone buttons on the collar, the back body piece on these shirts is 4" longer. The French Style Shirts also have a heart reinforcement on the neck opening.

The English Style Men's Shirts have a 4" tall collar with one bone button at the bottom of the collar, the front and back body pieces have the same length, and there is no heart reinforcement.